Dead 7 LA Premiere | Hollywood | Production Sound Mixer

Jason & Steve have been in LA working on yet another feature film! Last night they got to sneak away from set long enough to enjoy the festivities of the Hollywood premiere of Dead 7! They did the sound recording for this film back in September in the historic town of Butte, Montana. Working with such a crazy group of people on a film that is something they'd love to watch made this one of their favorite projects yet. Now who votes they need a sequel?!  

 Jason Mcroberts with Dead 7 star Jeff Timmons (90's boy band member- 98 Degrees)

Jason Mcroberts with Dead 7 star Jeff Timmons (90's boy band member- 98 Degrees)


Steven Mcroberts was called out in November 2015 to do a thriller named #FollowFriday. The film was set in the town of Roanoke Virginia which is less than an hour away from Steven and Jason's home town of Lynchburg. 

"I think its a bit surreal for Steven to be shooting a movie 30 minutes away from our home town" -Jason Mcroberts

The team can't wait to see this one finished and on screen sometime in 2016. 


Projects tend to come in waves. January 2016 is no different in this regard. The call came in to do a reality pilot in Los Angeles and the Omega Zone team answered.

The show is set in some of the most iconic places in Hollywood and Los Angeles such as Sunset Blvd, Studio City, and the Beverly Hills area. 

We are super excited to be a part of filming such an exciting project deep in the heart of the movie capitol of the world. 

3rd Annual Sound Mixer Mixer | PRODUCTION SOUND MIXER

Last night Steve attended the Annual Lone Star Mixer Mixer near downtown Dallas. Lots of cool vendors (yay! Geeky gear shopping time), free craft beer, excellent food and swag bags + a brewery full of sound mixer from Texas, Atlanta and beyond.  

Vandelay Sound Exports are hosted the event at a local brewery, Texas Ale Project, and Gotham Sound sponsored it. Reps from Orca, Zaxcom, Lectrosonics and Sound Devices were in attendance, showing everyone the ins and outs of their products. It was a great evening with fellow sound pros!



The Omega Zone Productions team (Jason and Steven Mcroberts) will be heading out to Arkansas mid-March to work with the award winning film-maker W. Patrick Martin  on his latest horror creation. Director  Lance De Los Santos  will be taking the helm for this project. It will star the very talented Melina Lyon and Tom Young. 

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Ex Best Friends Movie | New Mexico | Production Sound Mixer

Just before Christmas Omega Zone Productions (Jason Mcroberts) got the chance to work on a great indie short in Ruidoso, New Mexico. The beautiful mountain location was a welcomed creative departure for the Dallas based crew. 

The project was written and directed by Jake Buchanan from the Ft. Worth area. The story focused on a pair of friends, torn apart by business, who were faced with an insane series of disastrous events on a weekend getaway.  

We've viewed the rough cut of the film! It's a great project with hilarious outtakes and we can't wait to see it completed. 

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