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Home is Where the Heart is 

This found footage horror thriller, written and directed by Jason Mcroberts, will take everything you've seen before in the genre and turn it on it's head.  The team is stoked to start filming this one! They've come up with a great way to film it so that it really spotlights the feel of a found footage film to heighten the terror!

Tantalus Crossing is a script that has been in development for the last year. With each revision comes more depth, twist and turns. It's a supernatural horror film... Twilight Zone style. What seems to be just an ordinary night at a quaint, greasy spoon diner turns out to be something entirely unexpected.  This film is written by (and will be directed by) Jason Mcroberts. Check out an interview with him about the project to find out more!


The characters of Carrie Anne and Ron Germaine, from The Doll, get revived in this horror film! The film is horror, mixed with the feel of a 1980's classic horror/thriller, with a touch of comedy thrown in. Carrie Anne is loose and this time her mission is pure evil. Can Ron Germain (demon hunter) stop her before she gets too far out of control? 

The River

A tubing trip to the Brazos River (west of Ft. Worth, TX) back in 2015 inspired this film! The desolate feel of the town, along with the interesting characters that were met at the tubing rental company sparked an idea that the writer, Jason Mcroberts, ran with! Tubing the mighty Brazos River in Texas may prove to be deadly for these four college students.