The team is super grateful to have worked with Jon Keeyes and the Highland Myst Entertainment team on this psychological horror film. The film stars veteran actors: Matthew Tompkins, Michael Ironside, and Arnold Vosloo.

“It was a bit surreal getting to work with Michael Ironside and Arnold [Vosloo]. I mean one day you walk on set and there is the Mummy and Jester from Top Gun. Mind blown!” - Jason Mcroberts

The film was released December 25th on all of your favorite digital platforms.

THE MOVIE RELEASES ARE COMING | Production Sound Mixer Team

It's always exciting when the team gets word that some of the films they have worked on will finally debut. This week there are two that we've gotten word of! An Accidental Zombie Named Ted (filmed in Ocala Florida) will be screened in Florida at the end of November. This one has some really cool stars in it including Naomi Grossman from American Horror Story: Freakshow!

Check out the trailer here!

F*&% the Prom (a Fine Brothers Entertainment production) was a film that the team did sound for this last year in Los Angeles. Jason and Steve got to meet a host of talented actors on this one including Danielle Campbell (from the Vampire Dairies spin-off called The Originals), Joel Courtney, Madelaine Petsch, Cheri Oteri from Mad TV, Ian Ziering (part the original Beverly Hills 90210 cast), and Richard Karn from Home Improvement... to name a few. It will be released to Video on Demand on December 5th! Mark your calendars!

Check out the F*&% the Prom trailer here! 


An Accidental Zombie (named Ted)

This summer, Jason travelled to Florida to do sound for a comedic feature called. An Accidental Zombie (Named Ted). He got to meet a great group of cast and crew! The cast featured Naomi Grossman (best known for American Horror Story- Freakshow), Gary Anthony Williams (from The Internship and Harold and Kumar go to White Castle), and Kane Hodder (From the movies Seven, Monster and Daredevil). 

The trailer for the film just got released this week! HILARIOUS! How could you not love a movie with a zombie (who doesn't think he's a zombie) who dates a vampire (who doesn't think she's a vampire)?!

Lane 1974 - Trailer Release

lane1974 poster.jpeg

Two years ago the team traveled to beautiful Bodega Bay, California to do sound for an indie coming-of-age feature film.  (Coincidentally, Bodega Bay is also the filming location for another famous film by Alfred Hitchock, The Birds.) The film was written and directed by the talented, SJ Chiro, who based the story on her real life, childhood experiences. 

After months in post and an exciting round of festival showings, today  the trailer for the film was officially released on Indiewire!!

Set in Northern California in 1974, the charming coming-of-age film features life growing up on a commune. 13-year-old Lane (played by Sophia Mitri Schloss) and her siblings do their best to keep up with their rebellious mother, the self-named Hallelujah (Katherine Moennig), as she migrates through various communes and across the dirt roads of the Northern California.
— Indiewire
Bodega Bay & Jason Mcroberts on set

Bodega Bay & Jason Mcroberts on set

The film is currently showing in select theaters and will be released on digital streaming platforms on September 29, 2017... just a few short weeks from now. Check out the trailer while you're waiting for it's release!


East bound and UP!

With the overwhelming need for professional sound mixers in Atlanta the team has decided to open a branch of Omega Zone Productions in Atlanta GA. Founder Jason Mcroberts will be setting up shop in Atlanta towards the latter part of the year. 

"I think this is an exciting time to be crew in Atlanta. I believe the market has reached critical mass there and the next few years will cement Georgia as a major production location for many years to come." - Jason Mcroberts